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We believe that – in a world threatened by pollution, climate changes, and overfishing – a responsible development of a sustainable food-chain is the only way forward; this will allow our children and their children to have the same access to the precious seafood resources as we have today. N’Joy Seafood wants to contribute to this process by solely offering seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


We are offering only MSC certified fish. We undertake the responsibility to ensure that the chain of custody is maintained all the way from the vessel to you.


We keep stock of the most used and popular Wild-Salmon products used by Europe’s wholesalers and processors. Go ahead, try us!


N’Joy Seafood was founded in Denmark in September 2017. In 2015, the owner and Director of Seafood Sales, Mr. Morten Klæstrup, got the idea that keeping stock of MSC Salmon in Europe as ready-produced, ready to sell products would offer a unique service to bigger and smaller wholesalers and processors in Europe. He contacted his long-time business partner, Mr. Deng Entang, Director and owner of Dalian Rich Group in China, and presented his idea. Having given the issue deep consideration, Mr. Deng agreed that this could be a great opportunity to enhance and improve the services to their existing and new customers in Europe.

Dalian Rich is a modern and well-run fish-processing plant, based in Dalian in the province of Liaoning. The management methods exercised by Mr. Deng at his plants and amongst his staff are very much like the working-environment we see in modern European and American factories today, and this appealed to Mr. Klæstrup who shares Mr. Deng’s ideology; that the best staff creates the best results, together with the best customers. In the summer of 2015, the parties entered into an initial agreement, and shortly thereafter the first containers were shipped off to Europe. From this time forth, the development has taken speed, and today N’Joy Seafood is one of Europe’s leading distributors to wholesalers, traders and food processors.


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